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The following guide describes how to manually setup a drive mirroring (RAID1) under Windows Server.


Begin by going to Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Create and format hard disk partitions, right click on "Disk 0" and then select "Convert to dynamic disk".

Repeat for "Disk 1".

Then right click on the C: drive in Disk Management and choose "Add mirroring" from the context menu. In the following menu choose "Disk 1" and confirm this with "Add mirroring". The synchronisation of the drives will now start, which depending on the size of the drives can take some time.



Every UEFI system has a so-called UEFI System Partition. This partition can not be mirrored automatically by Windows and must be manually copied and configured on the second drive.

The following steps are necessary for this:

  1. Create an UEFI System Partition on the second drive and format it with FAT
  2. Copy the UEFI System Partition data from the first drive to the second
  3. Add other partitions as described above via Disk Management -> Add mirroring

A detailed guide on setting up mirroring can also be found on the Microsoft website (as a download):

Configuring Disk Mirroring for Windows Server 2008 R2

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