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Windows Server HyperV/en

The following describes how additional single IPs can be used in conjunction with Hyper-V for virtual machines.

With Hyper-V this can only be done by using virtual MAC addresses, which can be applied for via Robot, for each additional single IP.

Roles and Features

The required roles and features are:

  • Hyper-V and management

These can be installed via the Server Manager using the "Add Roles and Features".

During the installation of Hyper-V a virtual switch with the physical network card needs to be created.

W2012r2 hyper-v.png

Creating a Virtual Switch

NOTE: This step is only necessary if during the installation of Hyper-V a vSwitch was not created.

  • Open the Hyper-V manager and within the manager for virtual switches add an external virtual switch and select the option "Allow sharing this network adapter with the management operating system".
W2012r3 single-vswitch.png


  • Create a new "Generation 1" virtual machine
W2012r2 hyperv-gen1.png

  • Via "Settings" remove the automatically added network card
  • Via "Add Hardware" create a new legacy network card and connect it with the internal virtual switch
W2012r2 hyperv-addnic.png

  • Under "Advanced Features" statically enter the virtual MAC address, which can be gotten from the Robot
W2012r2 hyperv-mac.png

  • Start the virtual machine and test PXE boot
    • When properly configured the Hetzner PXE boot menu (blue logo) appears
Pxe boot.jpg

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