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New features for DNS management

We are always working to improve things here at Hetzner, including Robot. That's why we're so pleased to introduce our new DNS console to help you speed up and simplify your DNS entry administration.

With our old system, you used the DNS Entries feature on Robot to manage your DNS entries. But now, you will use our new and intuitive DNS console. Both the new DNS Panel and DNS API are user friendly, speedy, intuitive and provide you with many useful features.

For konsoleH customers, nothing will change. They will continue to use a separate DNS entry management system.

The new system has some changes

  1. In the old system, you could use the email interface to help you manage your DNS entries. This interface has been replaced by the new DNS-API. This change will mean that your old scripts for the DNS email interface will no longer work. Instead, you will need to use the DNS API.
  2. With the new DNS console, each customer can create at least up to 25 zones. For existing customers who already had more than 35 zones in the old system, you will have up to twice the amount of zones in the new system as you had in the old one. If you need more zones, you can increase the limit by opening a support ticket and explaining why you need an increase.
  3. Under the old system, each primary and/or secondary name server entry cost € 0.59. With the new system, these costs will no longer apply.
  4. With the new system, we have added new name servers. Existing customers do not need to make any changes. Their old name servers and IP addresses will still be accessible. For konsoleH customers, nothing will change.
  5. No confirmation e-mails are sent in the new system.

New name servers und IP addresses

Name IPv4 Address IPv6 Address
————————————— —————————— ——————————————
hydrogen.ns.hetzner.com. 2a01:4f8:0:1::add:1098
oxygen.ns.hetzner.com. 2a01:4f8:0:1::add:2992
helium.ns.hetzner.de. 2001:67c:192c::add:5

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