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Virtualization Solutions

The network setup of all virtualization solutions is similar. Depending on the software, one or more variants are possible

  1. Bridged
  2. Routed
  3. NAT

Single IPs

For the use of additional single-IPs in bridged mode virtual MAC addresses need to requested. You can get a MAC address for your additional single IP through Robot. Simply login, select your server and then go to the "IPs" tab. Here you will see a small button next to the additional single IP address. Clicking on that button will give the IP address a virtual MAC.

Virtual MAC addresses can only be requested for individual IPs, not for subnets.

Bridged Routed NAT Special
Linux KVM (also Proxmox) / Xen x x x -
OpenVZ (also Proxmox) / Virtuozzo x[1] x[1] x[1] x[2]
VMware ESXi x
Microsoft Hyper-V x x[3] x[3]
  1. applies only to veth devices
  2. applies only to venet devices
  3. Requires RRAS (Routing and Remote Access) services


For the use of IPs in a subnet with a virtualization solution that does not have routing capabilities a VM is necessary to perform this function. The subnet must then be routed on this VM.

Direct Routing Router VM
Linux KVM (also Proxmox) / Xen x (x)
OpenVZ (also Proxmox) / Virtuozzo x (x)
VMware ESXi x
Microsoft Hyper-V x (x)

(x) - Use of a router VM possible, but not necessary

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