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Server relocations

The Hetzner Online Data Center Parks are among the most innovative data centers in Germany. In order to be able to continue providing you with the perfect environment for your server requirements, and so that we can make room for new innovations, we informed you via E-Mail that we are planning to relocate your servers. On this page you will find additional information about the process.

  • The servers listed in the e-mail will not be accessible during the relocation.
  • We kindly request that you shut down your server(s) yourself via a time-control ("at"-job) by the start of the relocation at the latest. Instructions regarding this and further tips may be found below.
  • Once normal operations have resumed at the new location, we shall verify that all servers are functioning normally.
  • If your server already has an IPv6 subnet, it can be used for six weeks at the new location and will be deleted after this period of time. For this reason we ask you to fill out a request for a new subnet by going to the customer interface Robot. Here click on "Servers" in the left menu. Select the correct server and click on "IPs" tab and then on the link "Order additional IPs / Nets". Activating that ordering option takes a while. If it should not be available four hours after completion of the relocation, please open a support request with us.
  • Should you have any enquiries regarding the relocation of your server as described above, our competent support team will be happy to assist you.


If you have installed a new kernel since the last time you restarted your server and are using the "lilo" bootloader, then you need to update your "lilo" configuration and run the "lilo" command to rewrite the boot sector of your drive.

Instructions for the time-controlled execution of jobs with "at"

In order to implement a time-controlled execution of an "at"-job, the following steps are necessary. An SSH connection with your server is required for this.

  1. Please use the "date" command to make sure your server is using the correct system time. If it is not, this can be adjusted using the command "ntpdate". (Please note that "ntpdate" or alternatively "netdate" must be installed):
    ntpdate ptbtime1.ptb.de && hwclock -w
  2. In order to receive command information on time-controlled execution of "at" commands, please use manpage from "at" at the command line of your server:
    man at
  3. Please check to see if an "at" service runs on your server by searching "atd" in the process list:
    ps ax | grep atd
  4. Start the "at" service. (If the service is not active, it will need to be installed):
    /etc/init.d/atd start
  5. Please create a new time-controlled "at" job for your system to execute on the relocation date at, for example, June 25, 2019 at 09:15 AM:
    echo "/sbin/shutdown -h now"  |  at  09:15  25.06.2019
  6. Use the following command to make sure your "at" job is ready:

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