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Here you will find links and instructions to secure your own dedicated server.




SMTP - Email


Security Tips

Software Updates

How current is the system? Are updates regularly applied?


Is software being used, that is known for having vulnerabilities? Are there any currently known vulnerabilities? Are there any patches that have not yet been applied?


Which ports are open? This can be tested from external, by running a program like nmap against your own(!) server.

Interesting are:

Advice on the procedure for a hacked server

Preliminary note

The only completely secure way to clean a hacked server is to reinstall it. To be able to then secure it accordingly, it is important to figure out how it was attacked before reinstalling it.

Even if a new installation means a lot of work, it is still imperative that you perform this step. If a server has been hacked once, you can never again trust any of the applications. Each program could have been modified or replaced by the hacker.

Log Files

Often you can get good information about how the hacker has entered (if you have offsite backups). Otherwise, these logs can not be trusted, if they exist at all.

Helpful Programs

Unknown Files

Are there files on the server whose origin are unknown?

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