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=== Uplink/Traffic ===
=== Uplink/Traffic ===
All dedicated root servers, except for a number of older SB (auction) server models, have a Gbit uplink. The guaranteed bandwith depends on the server model.
All root servers with a dedicated 1 Gbit uplink have unlimited traffic.
All root servers with a dedicated 1 Gbit uplink have unlimited traffic.

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Dedicated Root Server Guide

This guide gives a general overview of our dedicated root server features.

Our Robot web interface offers numerous features for managing a server, including setting up rDNS entries, activating backup space and sending verified support requests. A full overview can be found on the following wiki page: Robot



The hardware specifications for our current server models can be found on our website: hetzner.de

For SB (auction) servers, there is a "Hardware" tab for the server in the Robot web interface that shows the basic hardware specifications.

For older servers models, please see the following page in our wiki: Hardware Configuration


We offer drive and RAM upgrades for certain models. Please take a look at the following wiki page for more information: Hardware Upgrades


The client is responsible for monitoring the hardware. We offer a system monitoring tool that can be activated in the Robot. More information can be found on the following wiki page: System Monitor

If the server has been optionally equipped with a hardware RAID controller, please see the wiki for more information on how to set up and monitor this controller: RAID

In the event of a drive failure with software RAID, information on how to proceed and troubleshoot can be found in our wiki: Drive replacement with software RAID

If a hardware component fails, our DC technicians can be contacted via the Robot and the faulty component replaced for free.


Operating System

We can pre-install one of the operating systems mentioned on the following page: Standard Images

It is possible to reinstall the server with any of those operating systems at any time. This can be done automatically via the "Linux" tab of the server in the Robot, or manually via our installimage script. Installimage also has older versions of the operating systems and will allow the setup of own software RAID level and/or partitions.

If preferred, own custom operating systems can be installed via KVM Console using an ISO file.

Control Panel

We offer licenses for Plesk and cPanel, which can be pre-installed with certain operating systems. Alternatively, these can be installed by clients themselves and the license key requested from us.


We do not pre-install any programs, except with Debian LAMP. The client has full root access (via SSH with a Linux OS or RDP with a Windows OS) and clients can install and configure whatever they choose on the server, as long as this does not contravene our System Policies or Terms and Conditions.



All root servers with a dedicated 1 Gbit uplink have unlimited traffic.

More information regarding this and for monitoring traffic usage, can be found on the following wiki page: Traffic

IP Addresses

All dedicated root servers come with a main IPv4 address and a /64 IPv6 subnet.

Should additional IP addresses be required, please take a look at the following page in our wiki for the options: IP Adresses


In order to process your support enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible, please send your requests directly via the Robot administration interface.

Our goal is to answer your support requests about technical matters
within two hours.

Please note, however, that this goal is not legally-binding,
and therefore does not represent any contractual agreement. This 2-hour
goal is merely a guideline based on our experience, but it is one that
we strive to uphold.

To contact us via telephone, please check our website for the appropriate number: hetzner.de

If contacting our technicians in the DC directly (available 24/7), a telephone password is required to enable them to perform any work on the server.

An FAQ for our dedicated root servers can be found here: Dedicated Root Server FAQ

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