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See: Dedicated Server Hardware


See: Dedicated Server Hardware


See: Dedicated Server Hardware


See: IP Adresses and Failover IPs


Feature Price Comment
Operating System installation via KVM Console € 0.00 once-off Only when an external data medium is required
Remote Hands (15 minutes) € 17.65 once-off
Additional RDP license for Windows Server 2008/2012/2016
€ 7.50 / month

Additional usage of KVM Console (3 hours) € 8.40 once-off
Server Move € 32.77 once-off Only on request; Server gets new IP(s)
Replace all RAM modules without a specific reason € 32.77 once-off
Replace any hardware part without a specific reason
(raid controller, additional network card, drives ...)
€ 32.77 once-off
Replace the entire server without a specific reason
(we will transfer the existing drives to the new server)
€ 57.98 once-off
Packaging of a Colocation Server for dispatch € 32.77 once-off
LWL cabeling to meet-me-room for colocation racks (single mode) € 499.00 once-off

Private interconnect (single mode) once-off fee depends on route + 29.00 € / month
per endpoint-to-endpoint connection
1G Optik SFP € 0,50/month

10G Optik SFP+ € 1.50/month

Rack spot reservation root server € 8.32 / month Limited to half the servers ordered
Reserving space: Colocation Rack Basic € 83.19 / month
Reserving space: Colocation Rack Advanced € 167.23 / month

Prices plus VAT, if applicable.

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