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First steps Managed Server

This guide is intended for new customers who have not before had a managed server or worked with konsoleH.

After the managed server has been ordered it is installed and brought online by our technicians within a few days. You will be informed by email when this occurs. The current status of the order processing can be viewed in our Wiki: Order processing

To set up domains, email addresses, websites and other data, at least one account is required:

Accountübersicht en.png

Figure 1: Account overview with domains (accounts) and addon domains already setup.

Creating an account

1. Click on the server name dediXXX.your-server.de.

Attention: Accounts which are created using "New Order" (see Figure 1) are not created on the managed server, but are setup as a web space account on our shared servers (with costs)!

2. On the left you will find the menu for the global management of the managed servers.

MenuelinkeSpalte en.png

Figure 2: Main menu of the Managed Server.

3. Click on "Account management".

4. If you don't already have an account/domain, please choose "New domain".

Accountverwaltung en.png

Figure 3: Submenu Account management

5. A dialog box opens, in which the relevant information to a new account/domain is requested.

Accountanlegen en.png

Figure 4: Form for creating a new account/domain.

6. The top three choices offer you the opportunity to register a new domain, to move an existing domain via KK application to us or to merely create an account.

7. In the text field "Domain Name" the name of the domain can be entered without a TLD (Top Level Domain). If the TLD you want is not listed in the adjacent drop-down menu please select the last item in the list ("other") and write the TLD in the field that is now next to the domain, e.g. "domain.it". If no TLD is entered, the domain cannot be registered with us.

8. The login and password can be freely chosen. These are then available for logging in via FTP, SSH and the Domain Level Login of konsoleH:

  • FTP(ES): Port 21
  • SFTP: Port 22
  • SSH: Port 222

9. The account type is arbitrary. There are no additional costs for this. You can change the limitations of the individual accounts if you want, and even enter your own account types with their own descriptions and define their size (under the menu item "Edit account type").
Attention: The account type defines the functions - e.g. is SSH enabled for this account or can databases connected to this account.


Abb.5: Management of account types.

10. Finally, if everything has been entered correctly the account is created. It can then be seen in the account overview, as shown in Figure 1, underneath the managed server menu. Specific settings for the account can then be made. To do so click on the appropriate domain in the account overview.

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