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Reseller Loginpage

Here you can define an individual login page for each managed server for konsoleH, which will then be stored on your dedicated server. The page can be designed freely, using HTML, CSS and Javascript (PHP code is not allowed!). Only a few preset form elements are provided to ensure that the final login page functions smoothly.

To create a login page, insert HTML code into the text field or click »example« to insert a simple example code, which can then be customized.

Important form elements can be placed into the HTML code using the code snippet buttons. To do this, place the cursor at the point where you wish to insert your HTML code and click on the corresponding code snippet of your choice. The corresponding HTML code is inserted automatically.

Available code snippets:------------------------

  • Form: Inserts a simple HTML form with the most important attributes. Please note that the attributes »action« and »method« should not be changed, otherwise the login form may not work. Please also take care to always insert the remaining elements between the opening and closing form tags.
  • Login field: Inserts a text field for the login name (e.g. domain). The name of the field must always be »loginuserinputbox«.
  • Password field: Inserts a text field of the »password« type for login. Here too the name of the field should not be changed.
  • Messagebox: This snippet inserts a placeholder in the HTML code in which error messages and other output will be displayed. If you wish to change the appearance of these messages, please use the HTML code around the placeholder. The placeholder tag itself should not be changed.
  • Referer: This hidden form field contains the starting page (e.g. dedixxx.your-server.de). This field is required in order to be redirected to the starting page after logout.

Further useful code snippets

  • Framebreaker: Our example code contains a javascript piece of code labelled »framebreaker«. This code is useful for breaking the current frameset of konsoleH in the event of timeout, for example, and redirects directly to the login page. Without this code the login page is displayed within the main frame of the konsoleH frameset.

Please note: Your login page should always contain (or link to) a site notice.

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