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cPanel is a web hosting control panel. Hetzner offers licenses for cPanel. There is one license that is offered, allowing an unlimited amount of domains to be managed:

License Monthly Price
cPanel € 25.13

Price plus VAT, if applicable.


cPanel can be installed either automatically or manually, depending on your needs.


When ordering a new server an operating system can be selected, which is then pre-installed on the server. One of these operating systems can also be installed along with cPanel.

Currently cPanel can only be pre-installed with the following Operating System:

  • CentOS 7.5 (cPanel 70)

If the server is already online, cPanel can be activated and installed automatically (along with an OS) via the "cPanel" tab of the server in Robot. Once you have restarted the server the installation will be automatically performed. You will get an email with the login details of both the OS and cPanel once the installation is complete.

Please note that this installation will erase all data on the drives in the server.


cPanel can also be installed manually. This is useful if, for example, it needs to be installed on an OS we don't pre-install it with.

The client needs to install cPanel themselves, we do not help with that. The license can be ordered directly via the "cPanel" tab of the server in the Robot, and is assigned to the IP of the server. To assign the license to an additional single IP or a subnet IP, a support request is required via the Robot.

Please note that cPanel cannot be installed on Windows, it is only supported on Linux.


Once cPanel has been installed you will have access to two different webinterfaces: WHM and cPanel.

WHM is the administration interface and is reachable under the following URL:

https://<IP Address of the server>:2087

In this interface you can setup accounts which will have access to cPanel.

cPanel is the account-level interface and is reachable under the following URL:

https://<IP Address of the server>:2083

In this interface you can setup a mailbox for each account for example.

Using the Hetzner name servers

After the installation of cPanel the Hetzner name servers are automatically configured as the default name servers in the cPanel configuration.

To use the Hetzner name servers as slave name servers you must first be sure that the Hetzner name servers are allowed the zone transfer.

To allow zone transfers from your name servers managed through cPanel/WHM you must include the following information in the /etc/named.conf configuration file (under "options"):

options {
 // Additional details
 allow-transfer {;;;};
 notify yes;

Then, the configuration must be reloaded using the following command:

/etc/init.d/named reload

In Robot when you now create a DNS entry, you can select "Slave DNS Entry".


Where can I find answers to my questions concerning cPanel/WHM?

The support resources offered by cPanel can be found on their website:

The cPanel licensing seems to have failed - what can I do?

Sometimes, the license does not properly synchronize with the cPanel licensing server. In this case, please enter the following command on the command-line, which will manually synchronize the license:


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