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About the Backup Service

Important note: From now on, you will only be able to deactivate the Backup Service feature. You will no longer be able to activate it. We will permanently discontinue this feature starting on 15 January 2020. With our free SSH Support feature, you can still use BorgBackup as backup solution. We have created a tutorial to show you how to do this here


Please note you are still responsible for your data. Hetzner Online provides no guarantees regarding possible data loss. The data is not mirrored to other servers. Please also see points 4.1 and 4.2 of our Terms and conditions: https://www.hetzner.com/rechtliches/agb

Switch from Hetzner Backup Service to BorgBackup

Hetzner Backup Service runs BorgBackup (or "Borg" for short) in the background. So it will be possible for you to use BorgBackup to still make full backups even after the Backup Service is discontinued. You can continue to use the existing repositories, and you can add new backups.

The Backup Service stores the Borg repositories in the home directory of your Storage Box or Backup Space in the directory ".borg_repos".
This directory contains a repository/directory with the corresponding server ID for each server that you have created in the Backup Service's web panel.

Direct access to existing repositories with Borg

At the following link, you'll find an overview of the easiest ways to get direct access to the repositories. The link, which is for Borg's official documentation, also contains other detailed information: Borg Documentation

You may also find this Hetzner Community tutorial on Borg useful: Install and Configure BorgBackup

To access individual repositories via Borg, use the following repository URL:


Replace <username> with your username and "server-id" with the correct server ID, which is also displayed in the Robot.

It is important that the SSH Support feature on Robot is activated. Also make sure to use port 23.

Display a repository's content

With borg-list, you can display the content of one of the Borg repositories or a Borg archive.

Display a repository's content

borg list

Display an archive's content

borg list

Extracting content from the repository

To restore files, use borg-extract. You can restore an entire archive:

borg extract

or just specific directories or files:

borg extract

Create new backups

Use borg-create to backup new files or directories in a repository.

For example, use the following command to backup the directories "~/src" and "~/built" :

borg create --stats
~/src ~/built

Use the --stats parameter to display details of a backup that Borg has completed. Borg provides from more parameters and patterns that you can specify. See the Borg documentation for more information.

Automate your backups

You can automate your backups so that Borg makes them automatically in a similar way to how the Backup Service did. Create a script that is triggered via Cron. You can find an example of this at Step 2.6 of the Hetzner Community tutorial: Automate backups with Cron

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