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Last update: 04/08/17 02.35 am

Here, you can find an overview of the current status of server orders.

We generally process all standard servers in the AX-/EX- and PX-lines, as well as the SX61 and all vServer models (CX line), Servers from bidding (SB-Servers) and StorageBoxes (BX line) within just a few minutes after confirming the order. (Any special cases are listed towards the end of this text.) In exceptional cases, the processing time for standard servers, vServers and StorageBoxes may take a maximum of one workday*.

The setup time for servers from our DX line generally takes 1-2 workdays.*

The setup time for SX131 and SX291 servers is usually 1-3 workdays.*

All servers with special configuration requests generally have a setup time of 1-3 workdays*. Servers with additional hardware, such as additional hard drives, or additional NIC, USB sticks, etc., are included in this group. Also included are any contracts with special requests for server location, or servers which will be the upgrade for servers that clients already have.

The setup time for Managed vServer (MC line) is usually just a few minutes. In exceptional cases, the processing time for Managed vServers may take a maximum of one workday*.

The setup time for Managed Server (MX line) is usually about 1 workday*.

Current special cases:

Due to high demand, the EX41 servers currently have a setup time up to 5 workdays.

Should the server you ordered not be online within the setup times mentioned above, please contact us at serverorderstatus@hetzner.de.

*Workdays are Monday to Friday, except for public holidays.

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