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vServer Conversion FAQ

Will Hetzner restart or reconfigure my servers during the conversion?

No. Your servers will remain intact and will continue running with the same IP addresses. The product's package will remain the same as before (price, CPU, RAM, storage, included traffic).

Will the IP address of the server change?

No, the IP address of the server will remain unchanged even after the conversion to the Hetzner Cloud.

How do I manage and administer my server from now on?

To manage your server, you now need to use the Cloud Console. To automatically manage your instance via our API, please use our Cloud API instead of the Robot Webservice API.

Will I be able to use all the Hetzner Cloud features after the conversion?

Yes, you can, but it may be necessary to redo your servers' network configuration. With the old system, your vServers were not able to see their public IP addresses on their network interface. Instead, they saw a fixed internal IP address. When we convert your vServers to Cloud Servers, it will stay the same by default.

However, in order to use all the Hetzner Cloud features, such as Floating IPs and private networks (Networks), you will need to make an important change first. Using Cloud Console, you will need to re-configure your network model so that your instances can see their public IP addresses. You can do this after we convert your vServers to Cloud Servers on Cloud Console.

In order to use the auto-mount feature for our Volumes, you need to follow these instructions.

Do I need to change the network configuration in VM when changing the network model?

Usually updating the network model will not need to change anything on your network configuration when it is set to DHCP. If you have configured it statically then set it to DHCP. If you want to stay with a static configuration have a look at the Wiki article.

If your are running Centos 6 the DHCP option does not work as the DHCP client does not understand all options. Therefore you need to configure it statically as shown in the wiki article.

Are Cloud Servers invoiced differently? Will the invoicing of existing vServers change?

We invoiced our vServers on a monthly basis, and you paid in advance. This will change with the Cloud Servers; we invoice these retroactively. So you will receive the monthly invoice for Cloud Servers after you have used them. In the future, your vServers will be listed as Cloud Servers under the Cloud section of your invoice, and the text will change slightly.

With the Cloud Servers, you'll also have more flexibility since you can also pay by the hour. If you don't wish to use a Cloud Server any longer, simply delete it. You will only pay for the hours that the server existed. If you use it for many hours or use it for the full month, we will invoice you for the monthly price. (We will always invoice you for whichever is the lower amount, either the hourly rate or the monthly price.)

Will all of my vServers be converted at once?

We plan to convert all vServers within one week, but not all on a single day. We have chosen this incremental approach out of the experience and to make the conversion go smoothly.

What will happen to my existing disk snapshots and templates?

Your snapshots and templates will continue to be available and will be converted to Cloud snapshots. The old vServers had a certain number of snapshots included in their base price. Those continue to be available at no additional cost. The way we do this is by giving you a monthly recurring free GB amount of snapshots for Hetzner Cloud, which you will be able to see on your cloud usage page.

I had a Backup Account or Storage Box assigned to my vServer. What will happen to it?

Existing Backup Accounts and Storage Boxes linked to your vServer will still be available. For technical reasons, we have to keep them on the Robot administration interface.

Will the Hetzner monitoring feature still be supported?

Unfortunately the Hetzner monitoring feature can no longer be supported, and existing rules will be removed at the time of conversion.

What will happen to existing addons like Plesk or cPanel Licenses?

Your existing addons and/or licenses will continue to be available. However, due to technical reasons, we cannot convert them to the Cloud system. We will continue to invoice you for them via the Robot administration interface. This means that we will continue to invoice you for the addons in advance. But we will invoice you for the corresponding servers retroactively. So you will see these servers and the addons for these servers in different parts of your invoice. When the conversion of your server occurs, we will send you an email with a list of existing addons for each server since you cannot see the addons on the Cloud Console interface. If you need to cancel or adjust individual addons, you can do so by contacting our support team here. If you delete a server which has addons we will automatically cancel them for you.

Will it be possible to order the old vServers on Cloud Console?

No. We will only convert your existing vServers to Cloud Console, and you will not be able to order more vServers there. However, you can easily order new (and less expensive) Hetzner Cloud instances via Cloud Console.

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