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VSphere (ESX4) on Hetzner EQ server

This page contains information about running VMWare Sphere 4.01 on Hetzner. If you need a translation in German use google at this link at Google Translate.


When you rent an EQ or EX server, add an Intel network card and a (3Ware) hardware RAID controller. You can consider adding two more drives so you can run RAID 10 with four drives (depending on the server you choose).

Download VMWare Sphere DVD and the 3Ware driver CD. Ask for the IP and the MAC address.

Additional Note

Hetzner allows you to rent two EQ or EX servers and install a second Intel network card (29 Euros once) so you can crossover connect the two systems.


When connecting to your system using a remote console (KVM Console), reboot the system and enter the RAID controller configuration with ALT-3.

You can use any RAID setup you want, but consider having a 20 to 25GB boot LUN, for the setup. I prefer using a RAID 1 or RAID 10 setup. Please remember the 2TB limit on VSphere 4.0.

Once the RAID configuration is complete you can start to install VSphere. Start the setup (I prefer text mode). At the beginning you will be asked for a driver CD, so call Hetzner and ask them to change the CD's. After the driver installation, you can continue with the installation procedure asking the Hetzner Support to change the CD again back to the VSphere DVD.

In the networking configuration choose the correct card (if you have more than one) and keep the settings to DHCP, it will fail anyway. Then continue the setup, it is pretty straight forward. At the step with the timeserver change the setting to manual and enter the correct date and time. The timezonepage for Germany is 250 btw ...

On the storage select basic setup and chose the 20GB storage you set up earlier and wait some seconds until the installation is complete.

After rebooting the system, which starts with an error message, just login to the console with ALT-F1. Go to the /etc/sysconfig/network-script directory and use vi to edit the file ifcfg-vswif0. Here you can change the MAC of the virtual network card vswif0 to the MAC you got from Hetzner. Test the correct setting with /etc/init.d/network restart. Reboot the system. And voilà there you go.

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