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Software update for managed servers and web hosting accounts 2018

This information page summarizes changes that are the result of the 2018 software update to all web hosting accounts and managed servers.

Software updates

Please note that the version of all PostgreSQL databases will increase from 9.4 to 9.6 during the update. All MySQL databases of fifth series (5.x) will automatically be converted to version 5.7.

If your databases are affected, you should check beforehand whether your applications are compatible with these versions. They usually are compatible.

For MySQL, the "old_passwords" option will be removed. Please check if your clients support the newer password format. We expect that only extremely old clients will not support the newer password format.

Other software updates include the following products:

  • Apache: 2.4.10 -> 2.4.25 (includes support for HTTP/2)
  • Git  : 2.1 -> 2.11
  • Perl  : 5.20 -> 5.24
  • Python: 2.7.9 -> 2.7.13 / 3.4.2 -> 3.5.3

You can search for further changes at:

There will be no updates in the PHP software. However this is a known change in behaviour:

  • $_SERVER['REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER'] is gone. Instead you must use $_SERVER['REMOTE_USER']
  • /usr/bin/php calls PHP 7.2 (7.1 before). In case you need a special php version you should always call the necessary php interpreter directly.

Additional changes

Changes to your accounts' directory structure

If it is not yet the case with your server, the software updates will include a restructuring of the directory structure of your accounts. In the future, data from add-on domains will be stored completely in the corresponding main account. (Previously this was only true for the websites of the add-on domains.) Add-on domains will no longer have separate FTP users.

The directory names in the home directory will change as follows:

  • Directory for emails:: users -> vmail/[DOMAIN_NAME]
  • Directory for logs  : www_logs -> www_logs/[DOMAIN_NAME]

Under bak_[ADDON-DOMAINNAME] you can find a backup of the old home folder of the addon domains. You may delete those folders if you don't need the data.

Setting the PHP version directory by directory with .htaccess

Furthermore, the way in which a particular PHP version can be set directory by directory using .htaccess will change. We have modified our documentation accordingly: KonsoleH:PHP configuration#PHP version

Before the software conversion, we will identify .htaccess files that still use the old syntax and will add the necessary new line to them. However, you should check whether the desired PHP version is still active after the conversion.

Additional configuration options using .htaccess

In the new system, you can set some options via .htaccess which you could only set in the VHost before. This includes, among other things, the controls for the compression (mod_deflate), the caching (mod_expires), and the setting (mod_headers) of headers.


After the software updates, the hosting server will also be accessible via IPv6.


After the software updates, the hosting server will support DKIM.

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