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Hetzner offers RAID controllers from several different manufacturers. Currently these are 3Ware, Adaptec and LSI. Most newer servers have LSI controllers, but this is not always the case (and cannot be guaranteed). If you're not sure which controller your server has, you can use the following command to find out:

# lspci  | grep RAID

This will show you the manufacturer of the RAID contoller. An example for an Adaptec controller would be:

03:00.0 RAID bus controller: Adaptec AAC-RAID (rev 09)

Windows users can find the RAID controller under "Device Manager".

Once you know which controller your server has you can follow the link below to the specific page of that controller (the /en links are for the English translations), where you will find information on the monitoring tool provided for the controller and a short FAQ.

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