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openSUSE Bug 970215

Due to a bug within openSUSE 42.1, systems running on a software RAID may be unable to boot after performing a dracut-update.

How to detect if your system is affected by the bug?

Systems affected by the bug usually get stuck during boot, showing errors indicating missing devices in /dev/disk/by-uuid.

In order to diagnose and repair your system, you need to boot your server into the Rescue-System and mount your drives at /mnt.

Instructions on doing so can be found in our article on the Rescue-System.

Within the Rescue-System, you can use the following command in order to check if your system is affected:

grep -q '"]' /mnt/usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/99suse/parse-suse-initrd.sh && echo "Affected" || echo "Not affected"

Example output:

root@rescue ~ # grep -q '"]' /mnt/usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/99suse/parse-suse-initrd.sh && echo "Affected" || echo "Not affected"

Resolving the bug

The bug can be resolved by executing the following command within the Rescue-System:

sed -i 's/"\]/" ]/g' /mnt/usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/99suse/parse-suse-initrd.sh

Starting the Rescue-System and mounting your drives at /mnt is described in our article on the Rescue-System.

After resolving the bug itself, you need to regenerate the initrd. Therefore you can use the following commands:

chroot-prepare /mnt
chroot /mnt dracut --force --regenerate-all

Finally you should be able to reboot your server into your system.

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