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Instructions for an error report with Hetzner network problems

If you are experiencing network problems with your server then please send a verified support request via Robot to our technicians, making sure to select the affected server. Depending on the problem you are experiencing you can choose one of two request types.

Server is not reachable

If your server is not reachable you can try to restart it yourself, under the "Reset" tab of the server in Robot. If that doesn't work, it might also be the case that your server has been blocked by us. See also: Server Blocking

If you are still having problems, please send a ticket via Robot by selecting "Server Problems" and then "Server is not reachable".

Packet loss

If you are experiencing packet loss, then we will need some evidence of this. Simple statements such as "my ping is bad" or "there is packet loss to my server" are unfortunately not enough for an error analysis.

A trace (in both directions) with at least 1000 packets with a tool like mtr/WinMTR is useful. Mtr can be installed via the package manager of the Linux distribution, while for Windows it can be downloaded from a specific website. The following table lists the ways this tool can be installed/downloaded for different Operating Systems.

OS type Specific OS Installation
Linux Debian/Ubuntu apt-get install mtr-tiny
SuSE via Yast
Gentoo emerge -av mtr
Windows XP, Vista, 7 http://winmtr.net/

Please follow these guidelines to create traces that are useful for our technicians:

  • At least 1000 packets should be sent
  • Each trace should be done in both directions, i.e. externally to the server and from the server back

The following is well suited for a diagnosis under Linux:

mtr -s 1000 -r -c 1000 www.telia.de

The test usually takes about 15 minutes.

If this shows a problem, please send a ticket via Robot by selecting "Server Problems" and then "Packet loss". You can attach the output to the request.

If you want to post the output in forums (eg. the Hetzner forum), please consider working on the text to make it as neat and tidy as possible, so that other users can easily understand it and help you. For example, you can use [CODE] blocks, so that the information is evenly spread out in the columns.

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Please do not flood pings for troubleshooting use, this will be seen in many networks (not just at Hetzner) as an attack, and can cause the originating server to be very quickly removed from the net!

Detailed information on dealing with diagnostic tools such as mtr and general diagnosis tips can be found on the Pingplotter page.

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