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Managing TXT Records


Managing TXT Records

Add an TXT record

  1. Select a zone to which you want to add records.
  2. Click on the Records Button in the top navigation.
  3. Choose Type TXT record in the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the Host (use @for root): The subdomain you want to create the record for, including the domain name.
  5. Enter the Content the Hostname will include.
  6. Choose TTL: The record time-to-live.
  7. Once you are ready click the Add record button.
  8. The record is created and visible in the record list below.

Update an TXT record

You can update the TXT record directly in the record list by clicking the Name, Value, or TTL field.

Delete an TXT record

  1. Click the Delete Button for the TXT record you want to delete.
  2. Confirm the deletion. Please be aware that this step cannot be undone!

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