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Calculating email storage space

The size of email storage space is calculated on the basis of the total disk space available. The amount of space currently taken up by emails can be checked in konsoleH at "Statistics & Reports". Details of all email accounts with corresponding emails is located in your 'users' folder. Open the folder for an overview of disk space usage for each email account.

How can I avoid using too much disk space for emails?

  • Set up redirections instead of copies

    If you would like to redirect emails to other addresses, set up Weiterleitung. It is not necessary to have an own E-Mail-Account in this case.

  • POP3 retrieval

    If you call up email accounts via POP3, emails are transferred to your computer and deleted on the server. This releases the disk space there.

  • Maintenance

    It is possible to delete emails from the wastepaper basket and spam folders at regular intervals via KonsoleH:Accountwartung.

  • Set limits for email accounts

    Limits can be set via Mailverwaltung in konsoleH. Please note that in some cases this may lead to new emails not being accepted.

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