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E-Mail: Black-/Whitelist

The konsoleH Mail Filter - Blacklist and Whitelist

The Mail Filter function enables you to block (Blacklist) or generally allow (Whitelist) particular email addresses.

Emails from addresses on the lists are not routed via the automatic spam filter. In this way, emails from addresses on your Whitelist are immediately conveyed to your mailbox, and emails from addresses on your Blacklist are immediately deleted.

If an address appears on both lists, the Whitelist has the higher priority and the corresponding emails are routed to your mailbox. The maximum number of entries for both lists is 100.

Adding an address to the Whitelist/Blacklist

First click on the list to which you wish to add the address. Then enter the address in the input field and click on 'Add'. A konsoleH confirmation message will appear.

To remove an address from the list, mark the address (place a check mark in front of the name) and then click on 'Delete'. Confirm the instruction with 'Yes'.

It is also possible to block/allow emails from domains. To do this enter '*@domain.de' as the address. This will block/allow all emails from the domain 'domain.de'. To block/allow multiple addresses in one step, please separate these with a comma. (e.g. example@domain1.de, example@domain2.de).

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