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Account Management

In the account administration you can create new accounts on your server. The respective domain is automatically registered if requested.

New Domain

To create a new domain on your server, proceed as follows:

  1. First select what is to be done with the new domain:

    • I want to register a new domain. Select this option if you wish to register a new free domain.

      I want to transfer my existing domain to Hetzner Online GmbH (Transfer). Select this option if you wish to transfer an existing domain to us. After you have faxed us the relevant transfer form we will carry out the transfer for you.

      Attention: An existing domain can only be transferred if it belongs to you.

      I want an account; the domain will remain with the previous provider. Select this option if you wish to keep your domain registered with your previous provider. In this case you will only receive the webspace from us. Please note that you will have to make arrangements with your domain registrar so that the domain points to our webspace!

  2. Enter the desired domain name (without www) and select the domain ending (TLD).

  3. Login and password are automatically generated. You can however change these if you wish.
  4. Select the desired account type and click on 'Next'.
  5. In addition, if you have selected the option 'Transfer' or 'Account only', you can indicate whether a DNS entry should be created for the domain.

The following steps will take you through the order process irrespective of the previously selected options. Complete the order process by accepting the general business terms and conditions.

New Addon Domain

Addon Domains are additional domains on an account which share disk space with the corresponding main account.

To create a Addon Domain, proceed as you would when creating a new account. Instead of account type, select the desired main account.

Change Account Type

You can change the account type of an account yourself. Select the desired account from the list, click on 'Next' and then choose the new account type.

If you wish to convert accounts into Addon Domains or vice versa, please contact Support.

Delete an Account

When you delete an account, all content including mailboxes and DNS entry is removed (with the exception of Addon Domains, in which the website content is not deleted).

Should you wish to use the respective domain again, please contact Support.


With SSH you give your users the opportunity to work on the command line on your account. The access details are the same as those used for FTP access. Please use Port 222.

To permit/prohibit access via SSH for individual accounts, select an account from the list and click on 'Next'.

DNS management

With DNS administration you can change the DNS entries for your accounts. For more detailed information please call up the help function within the DNS administration.

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