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Account Order

Ordering a new managed server a webhosting account or a domain

This section of konsoleH allows you to create a new managed server or a new webhosting account (=webspace+domain) or just a domain (without webspace) and to transfer an existing domain (Transfer).

  1. Select the desired account type, either a server (step 2. to 5. do not apply then) or a webhosting account with a domain or a domain registration only.

  2. Enter your required domain name (without www) and select the domain ending (TLD).

    In addition, you can optionally specify your own name server. Please note that in this case the domain must already be registered on this name server.

  3. Select one of the options in the list to register a new domain or transfer an existing domain: I want to register a new domain.

    Select this option if you want to register a new free domain.

    • I want to transfer my existing domain to Hetzner Online GmbH. (Transfer)

    Select this option if you wish to transfer an existing domain to us. After you have faxed us the relevant transfer form we will carry out the transfer for you.

    • I want an account; the domain will remain with the previous provider.

    Select this option if you want to reregister your domain with your previous provider. This is, for example, also the case if you administer domains via the Domain Registration Robot. In this case you only receive webspace from us. Please note that you will have to make the necessary arrangements with your domain registrar so that the domain points to our webspace!

    Warning: An existing domain can only be transferred if the domain already belongs to you.

  4. Enter the required contact information for the domain (owner [owner-c/holder] and administrator [admin-c]).

  5. Select your preferred method of payment. If refunds are granted, click on 'Recalculate' to receive the revised price.

  6. Check all the details and confirm the general business terms and conditions - Click on 'Order' - Finished!

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