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This article will help to make clear what the cancellation periods are for Hetzner Online products on konsoleH. The cancellation periods for some products are shorter than what is listed in our Terms and Conditions.

Cancellations for konsoleH customers

If you are a customer who uses the konsoleH administration interface, go to your konsoleH account to do the cancellation.

Log onto your account using your client number and password. Then click directly on the product (domain, server, etc.) that you would like to cancel. On the left under "Contract", you will see "Cancel Account". Please pay close attention to the instructions there. Then you can select the date when you want the cancellation to take place. You can also tell Hetzner Online what you would like us to do with your domain (delete the domain, change the domain's provider, keep the domain as it is). Please be absolutely sure to click on "Cancel Account" if you no longer wish to keep the memory for the domain.

Your customer profile will remain in place. As soon as you have finished the cancellation process, you will receive a summary and an confirmation of the cancellation via email.

Web hosting, managed servers, domains & Nextcloud

The contract for our web hosting, managed servers, domains, and Nextcloud products have a cancellation period that is 30 days to the end of the BILLING month. The earliest possible cancellation date will change depending upon the date when we completed your order for that product. We use this date to create the billing months for konsoleH products. The term "30 days to the end of the billing month" means that you will wait at least 30 days at then end of the billing month before the cancellation will become effective. We know that this term may be a bit confusing, so we have made it easy for you to see the earliest possible cancellation date on your konsoleH account. To find it on konsoleH, go to the product you would like to cancel, then to "Contract" in the menu on the left, and to "Cancel Account". Here is an example of how "30 days to the end of the billing month" works:

Example: We finished your order on 10 May. Your effective cancellation date will always be on the 10th of each month.

Scenario 1: It is 16 July. You would like to cancel your contract as soon as possible. The time between "today" and 10 August is LESS than 30 days. So the earliest possible cancellation date will be 10 September.

Scenario 2: It is 8 July. You would like to cancel your contract as soon as possible. The time between "today" and 10 August is MORE than 30 days. So the earliest possible cancellation date will be 10 August.

The contract works like a subscription. It automatically renews itself unless you cancel it before the end of the period that you have already paid for. If you cancel your contract to an effective date that is BEFORE the date that you have paid for already, we will refund the money remaining to you. This is a "pro rata refund". For domains, however, it is not possible for us to give you a pro rata refund because domain registration fees are based on yearly periods.

WARNING: To cancel some domains, you will need an authroization code (auth-code) if you would like to move your domain to another provider. Now let's imagine that you have a server and a domain on that server. You cancel the server, but you do NOT request that we transfer the domain to another provider. We will then assume that you want to KEEP the domain, and we will send you an invoice for it as usual.

SSL certificates

If you would like to cancel your SSL certificate contract, you can do this with immediate effect. SSL certificate contracts last for 1 or 2 years. These contracts do NOT automatically renew themselves. You need to renew them manually, even if you do not cancel them. If you would like to renew an SSL certificate, you can do this by going to the SSL Manager on konsoleH (Administration --> SSL Certificates).

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