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What is the FreeBSD Rescue System?

The FreeBSD Rescue System is based on a minimal FreeBSD distribution, which can be booted into from the network. This gives you the ability to repair your current FreeBSD system in case of configuration error, or to install FreeBSD on your dedicated server.

The installation and usage of FreeBSD requires a certain amount of FreeBSD knowledge and is recommended for advanced users only. Please note that Hetzner Online GmbH generally doesn't offer software support, so any problems arising from the use of FreeBSD are your own responsibility.

The FreeBSD images were created through the image creation system mfsBSD by Martin Matuska.


Which hardware is supported?

FreeBSD has been successfully tested to work on the following systems:

All current EX and PX models:

  • Asus Z10PA-U8
  • MSI H87-G43
  • MSI B85M-G43
  • MSI X58 Pro-E
  • Intel S1200RP

Previous PX, EX, EQ, DS and SB servers with the following motherboards:

  • Asus P8H67-M Pro
  • Asus P8H77-M Pro
  • Asus P8BWS
  • Intel DX79TO
  • MSI X58 Pro-E
  • MSI K9AG Neo2 (MS-7368)
  • MSI K8T Neo2 - F (MS-7032)
  • MSI K8MM3-V (MS-7181)
  • MSI KA780G (MS-7551)
  • MSI K9NBPM2-FID (MS-7252)
  • Supermicro X9SRi

In the linux Rescue System you can check which motherboard your server has with the "dmidecode" command (compare the "Product Name" with those in the list above):

root@rescue ~ # dmidecode | grep -A 3 "DMI type 1,"
Handle 0x0001, DMI type 1, 25 bytes
System Information
        Manufacturer: MSI
        Product Name: MS-7032
root@rescue ~ #

ACPI must be activated in the BIOS. In the new server models this is activated by default and manual activation is not necessary.

How can I start the Rescue System?

Login to Robot. Next, select the "Rescue" tab of the server you want to start the FreeBSD Rescue System from. Activate the FreeBSD Rescue System and restart the server (normally through SSH, but in case of error you can also do this via the "Reset" tab in Robot).

The password that was given to you when you activated the FreeBSD Rescue System can now be used to login as "root" via SSH.

How can I mount my filesystem?

Please use the command "mount" for this. More options and the exact syntax can be found on this site.

First of all list all of the pools that can be imported using "zpool import". To mount the pool "tank" into /mnt use the command "zpool import -o altroot=/mnt tank".

How can I install FreeBSD on my dedicated server?

Please read the specific guide on this: Installing FreeBSD.

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