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Changes for .de domains and handles starting on 30 September 2019

Because of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the central registry for .de domains, DENIC, has made important changes about the information recorded in connection to .de domain holders: Official Press Release

Only .de domains are affected by these changes. Domains for other TLDs are not affected.

We made some adjustments regarding .de domains in our Domain Registration Robot so that we can adapt DENIC's new changes:

.de domains

The contact information for Admin-C, Tech-C and Zone-C will disappear. DENIC no longer requires this information.

  • Instead, there are two new roles:
    • General Request - an email address for the contact person who responds to general requests about the domain
    • Abuse Request - an email address for the contact person who responds to complaints about possible crimes or improper use (abuse) connected with the domain

For these new roles, you cannot just use any typical or traditional handle. Instead there are new, specified handle types.

For each of your existing .de domains, you need to make an important change: You will be required to define contact email addresses for the roles General Requst and Abuse Request.

.de handles

Request handles

  • There will be a new handle type: "Request".
  • Request handles consist of just one piece of information: an email address that will be used as the contact email for requests.

Existing handles

  • There will no longer be a field for entering the telephone number or fax numbers for the handle types "Person" and "Organisation".
  • You will now be required to enter the email addresses in the correct field for the handle types "Person" and "Organisation".
  • You can use .de handles you created before the change only for setting the domain holder.

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