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How "delegating" a domain functions

Delegating means setting a/the responsible name server for a zone. After delegating the nameservers can independently manage host names and subdomains.


Delegation must be done by the the operator of the top domain level. If, for example, a new .de domain should be registered, the provider of the top-level domain (TLD) "de" (DeNIC) needs to set up the delegation so that the forwarding name servers of the second level domain are registered in the zone.

If, by contrast, only a subdomain needs to be created (for example technik.grossefirma.de), then this may be set up as a zone administrator of the parent domain (grossefirma.de).

Procedure in the Domain Registration Robot

DeNIC and other registries only accept delegation requests from providers who have signed partnership agreements.

The registration and delegation of a domain at Hetzner is done via the Domain Registration Robot, described in the following wiki article: Robot Domain Registration Tutorial

Delegating subdomains: Entries in the parent Zone File

See the article on creating a DNS Zone File

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