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You can use the Robot for administrating DNS entries for your domains. The current price list can be found on our website: https://www.hetzner.de/registrationrobot

The following three options are available for creating new DNS entries:

  • DNS entry with standard zone file
  • DNS entry with own zone file
  • Slave DNS entry

By default, the option "DNS entry with standard zone file" should be used to create a standard zone file. The "Slave DNS entry" option only makes sense if you are using your own (primary) nameserver from which the Hetzner nameservers synchronize the zone data via zone transfer.

The three options are briefly explained below.

The Robot nameservers are:


The setup of a DNS entry is explained in detail in the article on DNS zone files.

Create DNS entries in Robot

Option "DNS entry with standard zone file"

For this option the domain name as well as the desired target IP address must be specified. Robot automatically creates a DNS entry in the background using a standard template.

Afterwards, the DNS entry can be edited at any time via Robot.

Option "DNS entry with own zone file"

With this option the domain name as well as the content of the zone file needs to be specified. The "+" button can be used to add and adjust the content of the standard template in the input field.

Option "Slave DNS entry"

This option is only of interest if you are using your own (primary) nameserver from which Hetzner nameservers synchronize the zone data via zone transfer (eg with the usage of Plesk).

Using your own nameservers has the advantage that you can flexibly change the entries in the zones. However, this requires a certain basic knowledge on how to manage your own nameservers.

This option requires only the domain name and IP address of the primary nameserver.

Important: in the configuration for the primary nameserver, the Robot nameservers need to be authorized for the zone transfer. Otherwise the zone data might not be transferred. When using BIND, the IP addresses of the Robot nameservers might need to be added in the configuration parameter "allow-transfer" (see www.zytrax.com/books/dns/ch7/xfer.html).

Enter default DNS settings in Robot

In Robot you can pre-fill individual fields for DNS entries under the menu item "Administration" -> "Settings" -> "Standard DNS Settings"

Register nameservers

If you want to use your own nameservers for .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info and .eu domains - and only those - then the nameservers must be entered via the Robot function "DNS records" -> "Registered Name Server".

Combination with Plesk

When setting up a domain/subscription, Plesk automatically creates a DNS zone. In this case, when you create a DNS entry via Robot, the option "Slave DNS record" can be selected. The Hetzner nameservers then automatically adjust the DNS zone data with the primary nameserver managed through Plesk.

When changes are made to the DNS zones via Plesk, eg after creating a subdomain, the Hetzner nameservers will automatically update with the new information. Manually adjusting the DNS entry in Robot is therefore not necessary.

For the zone transfer functions to operate smoothly, a few adjustments need to be made in Plesk. These are explained in more detail below.

Note: If the installation of Plesk was activated and performed via Robot, the following adjustments are pre-configured automatically.

Allowing Zone Transfers for the Hetzner nameservers

In Plesk via the menu item "Tools & Settings" -> "DNS Template Settings" -> "Transfer Restrictions template", the following IP addresses of the Hetzner nameservers can be added:

This allows the Hetzner nameservers zone transfers (AXFR) via the primary nameserver managed through Plesk.

Entering NS Records for the Hetzner Nameservers

By going to "Tools & Settings" -> "DNS Template Settings" the existing NS record can be removed.

Subsequently, by clicking on "Add DNS entry" NS records for the following Hetzner nameservers can be added:


Please leave the field labeled "Enter the domain name" blank.

To have this default setting be applied for existing domains in Plesk, the changes can be saved by clicking on "Domains" -> click on the Domain Name -> "DNS Settings".

Subsequently, the Hetzner nameservers can be used for the domain.

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