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Colocation FAQ/en

Please note: this FAQ relates to single colocation units (1 unit), a product we no longer offer as of 01/10/2013. Currently we only offer colocation racks and 1/3 racks.


Which dimensions are possible for colocation?

Currently only servers in 19" cases can be colocated in our data centers. The prices are all based on this unit (19").

Tower cases are currently not possible, but for larger projects you can rent an entire rack.

How many cms is 1 unit?

One unit is exactly 4.425cm.

What accessories should be sent/brought along?

  • The server itself, pre-configured
  • The server should be labeled with the name, telephone number and IP address (if possible on the front and back)

Not needed (but can be provided):

  • Power cable
  • Network cable (standard Cat-5e/6e)
  • Sliding rails or mounting frames
  • Mouse, keyboard
  • Screws
  • Tools

How does the colocation server get to Hetzner?

You can send it to us via a shipping company, or bring it by yourself (after making an appointment)

The shipping address for DC2 in Nuremberg is:

Hetzner Online GmbH Data Center 2
Sigmundstr. 135
90431 Nuremberg

The shipping address for DC11 in Falkenstein is:

Hetzner Online GmbH Data Center 11
Am Datacenter Park 1
08223 Falkenstein

Fixed IP address or DHCP?

After ordering the colocation you will get an email from Hetzner with your fixed IP address.

Please note: Hetzner does not use full Class C networks (, but smaller subnets. You will get the information about the network mask and default gateway with the order data as well.

Are there important BIOS settings?


  • The server should automatically start up when power is supplied. This includes starting up when there has been a power failure. This option can be found in most BIOS' under: Power Management Setup => Power after AC Loss/PWR Fail: ON
  • The server must be able to boot without have an attached mouse or keyboard, or even monitor. Standard CMOS Features => Halt On: No Errors

Which operating systems are allowed?

There are no restrictions. If you want to install Amiga OS you can. Please keep in mind eventual copyrights, the owner of the hardware is liable in those cases.

Which applications are allowed?

Here gain there are no restrictions, save those mentioned in the System Policies.

Please check your server for security holes, particularly those in open SMTP relaying (currently only in German).

Which nameservers must be configured?

You can use your own nameservers.

Alternatively, you can use our offered nameservers.

How is the power and airconditioning fee of my colocation server calculated?

Please see: Colocation power

Can I also use the Hetzner Rescue System with my colocation server?

Yes (hardware must be compatible), important to note is that the server must be able to boot via PXE over the network and our technicians need to input the MAC address of the server into our system.

In Robot you can activate the Rescue System. Afterwards you can reset/reboot the server (yourself or via Hetzner) and a minimal Linux-based OS will start, which you can access via the password that was displayed in Robot.

More information about the operation of the Rescue System can be found here in the wiki: Hetzner Rescue System

Can data be exchanged between two servers in the data center?

Important: through the use of VLANs servers in the same subnet can only be accessed over the router. To connect to a neighbouring server we recommend the following configuration: Network configuration Debian. Should such a configuration not be possible for you, then you'll need to manually add a static route over the gateway.

The router will discard all packets with invalid or internal IP addresses (192.168.xxx.xxx). Tunneling via the public IP is of course possible.

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